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From wearing a Spongebob tie in the school pictures, to playing kickball with his students during recess, to decorating his room like Hogwarts castle...... Matt showed his pupils that there can be fun in learning.

It was Matt's belief that students should love learning.  He did anything and everything to make his classroom fun, while holding his pupils to high standards.  Read some stories from former students and parents to learn more about Matt's philosophy......​​

Inspirational Stories

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It has been almost a year and I have just heard about Mr. Falcone's passing. Mr. Falcone was my son's 4th grade teacher for the '09-'10 school year. He was an amazing teacher and his love for his family and students was so evident! I am truly sorry for your loss. As the anniversary of his passing nears, I know there are many emotions that come along with it. I pray for peace and comfort for all who miss him.

Brooke Walley, Satellite Beach, Florida

My kids and I were very sadden when we heard the news. My youngest daughter had him as her teacher 3 years ago. She loved having a male for a teacher. He was a great teacher and she had a great year with him.
Michelle DeCenzo, Viera, Florida

Matt was a wonderful person who truly loved teaching and being there for others. There is so much to be sad about with the passing of someone so young, but the quality of his life is what will be remembered. Be proud of the man he was and emulate him as best you can!
Carl Brown, Satellite Beach, Florida

We were so shocked and saddened to hear about Mr. Falcone's passing. He was my son's 2nd grade teacher at Manatee only 3 years ago. His love for Disney and his family was amazing. He was so good with the class.  
Cynthia Noppert, Viera, Florida

 Thank you for being a part of my daughter's life. She loved you as a teacher. You made learning fun. God bless you and your family.
Steve Golden, Rockledge, Florida

I was truly blessed to know Matt and his infectious love he had for life itself and all the people he came in contact with. 

Zeke Ruzicka